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Do you know what’s in there?

Do you know what’s IN YOUR pool?

No seriously, do you?

Swimming pools are great…when they are clean. And even when they ARE clean, it’s hard to tell how clean they really are just by looking at it.

Sure you’ve got that scoop net that lets you skim off the surface stuff like leaves or other debris, but that’s like taking a wet napkin and wiping off your arm.

You know that you STILL need to shower and scrub up in order to be as clean as possible. Now, imagine if all you ever did was use a wet napkin now and then and only took a REAL shower once a month.

How healthy do you think you’d stay?

How CLEAN do you think you’d REALLY be?

Luckily for you, showers can be had on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, when it comes to REALLY cleaning your pool, well that can become a rather tedious process and often times we’d rather take the wet napkin approach.

Quality Swimming Pool Maintenance Service – Westlake Village

Here’s the thing, there are microorganisms and bacteria lurking in the water that you are completely unaware of. There are things in the water that can make you and your loved ones sick.

A thorough shower with soap helps remove perspiration, body oils, cosmetics and traces of urine and fecal matter on the body. Sending those substances down the shower drain goes along way toward reducing the “yuck factor” for everyone who shares the pool, but there is much more to consider.

The pre-swim shower helps minimize the irritating, smelly substances formed in pool water when impurities introduced on the bodies of swimmers combine with chlorine. Many people identify that smell as the smell of chlorine. The survey found 38 percent of people believe the characteristic chemical odor of some swimming pools in an indicator of a clean pool.

In fact, that stringent odor is not from chlorine, but from irritants produced when chlorine reacts with impurities.

A well-managed pool has no strong chemical smell.microbies

When swimmers shower away impurities (and focus on the perianal area) they help reduce the risk of waterborne illnesses, such as diarrhea, swimmer’s ear and skin infections. Fecal matter,in particular, contains germs that may be ingested when swimmers swallow contaminated water. Chlorine and other swimming pool disinfectants help protect swimmers from water borne germs, but germ destruction is not instantaneous. Additionally, if chlorine is chemically bound to high levels of impurities in the pool, it may be unavailable to carry out its intended task of destroying germs in the water, especially if the pool chemistry is not being carefully adjusted.

First you have to ask yourself; why is chlorine added to water?

You all know: to kill communicable pathogens (particularly bacterial or parasitic). But it doesn’t kill everything. Cryptosporidium, which many have heard about from news stories of infected municipal and domestic water supplies, can live for days in chlorine. Sweat, soap, perfume, shampoo, conditioner, aftershave, deodorant, urine, feces are all organic compounds which contain proteins. When organic compounds are introduced into a chlorinated (or brominated) environment like a swimming pool, disinfected by-products are produced. While the chlorine is intended to neutralize harmful pathogens specifically from feces (urine is sterile) it also has undesirable side effects.

Chlorine reacts with the organics to create gases whose family are called Trihalomethanes (THMs). It reacts with proteins to form Chloramines which include Nitrogen Trichloride. Trihalomethanes are colorless odorless heavy toxic gases. Chloramines are nitrogen chloride gases which display the strong chlorine smell people associated with the smell of chlorine in pools (and not actually indicative of such) and also toxic.

The extent of these gases produced is a function of the amount of organic matter entering the water: The more organic matter the greater the gaseous concentration AND a subsequent prerequisite increase in the amount of chlorine that must be added to the pool to keep it balanced.Chlorine in any form is toxic. It impacts respiratory function and some THMs are carcinogenic.

THMs lie in a thin layer on the water just where most commonly you and I are breathing, which is how people absorb the majority of them. About a third is also absorbed through skin, and some by swallowing. There’s no way of avoiding them if they are present. The more organics brought into, or urinated into the pool, the worse the health situation. A greater chlorine smell in a pool hall means the worse the pool chemical balance, not cleaner water.

Does all this concern you? I hope it does, your family deserves better!

By now you hopefully understand if you didn’t already:

1. You should be showering before entering a pool. Regardless of if you have showered already that day.

2. You should be showering after using a sauna before entering a pool.

3. You should not be peeing in the pool.

As you can see cleaning it, well, it CAN be a trying task, but you already know that.

You probably have a kit to test the water and have some instructions on what you need to take care of, but just HOW much of this stuff have you thought about?

How much of the cleaning and pool maintenance do you REALLY know about?

How much of it do you WANT to know about?

We aren’t trying to alarm you, but as any pool owner can tell you, you can’t enjoy your pool if it just doesn’t look good AND if it just isn’t safe to swim in.

We know you already know, but here is some “water” type of things that you need to be thinking about…

pH Levels – Acidity and Alkalinity

You’ve heard of these levels before, but what do they REALLY mean?

These levels have a lot to do with Acidity and Alkalinity. When the pH level is below a 7 it is acidic, when it is above it is alkaline. You know that they are areas that you need to take into consideration, but it all just sounds too scientific to think about or to bother with, right?

Well, yes, it is. Which is why you should leave it to a professional to deal with, but we’ll get to that later.

Here are a few things to keep in mind with all pool maintenance

When the pH levels are too low you’ll start to deal with eye irritation and more eye-unappealing things like etching of plaster walls and corrosion of metal fittings and other important pool parts.

When the pH level is too high, you’ll start to see cloudy water, you may experience some eye irritation and discoloration of your pool walls.

Cynauric Acid

This is an area that aids in the stabilization of the chlorine in your pool, however if it is added incorrectly, not adjusted as needed or not dealt with properly if added incorrectly, it could add to your pool problems – Problems such as interference with the disinfection of your pool and cloudy water in your pool.

Free Chlorine

Chlorine acts as the primary agent to rid your pool of bacteria and algae. Free Chlorine or Free Available Chlorine is the agent that does the work.green algae pool water

If levels are not checked and maintained properly, then it can’t do the work needed to rid your pool of the bacteria and algae that WILL form.

Total Alkalinity

This area is related to pH levels, but is a completely different measurement of chemicals.

All you need to know is that high and low levels of total alkalinity can cause a bunch of problems like:

  • Problems with your pool’s filter2 pools-one dirty-one clean
  • Corrosion
  • Formation of scales

As you can see, it can cause some pretty significant damage.

Calcium Hardness

This is a measurement of calcium salts that have dissolved in your pool water.

This area of measurement and maintenance of proper levels is vital to the aesthetics of your pool.

Why? Well, high and low levels can cause problems with plaster surfaces, formation of scales and the appearance of pool water that becomes cloudy.

That’s a lot to think about.

We hate to pour on other things to deal with, but we need you to understand that unless you are a pool maintenance person or enjoy doing these kinds of things, then you will run into some problems later on down the line.

In order to ensure you have a healthy pool, not only in appearance, BUT also in the health of your water, then you’ll need to take care of several areas such as…


  1. Water Chemistry– We already talked about that above.

  2. Plaster Conditions And Leak Issues – Do you know what to do if the plaster breaks down or if you spot a leak? Would you able to spot something before it became a BIGGER problem? Keep an out on such things…better yet, have a professional be your eyes for you.

  3. Filter Cleaning, Maintenance & Service – Imagine if the drain plug in your sink got clogged up? What would happen to the water in your sink? Yeah, this is an area that you need to keep in mind and an area you may want to seek out help with.

  4. Pool Pump Service & Maintenance – The impeller? The diffuser? If you find yourself wondering WHAT these parts to the pool pump are, then it’s better left to someone who knows what they are doing to take care of and maintain.

  5. Pool Heater Service – If you enjoy swimming when the weather may be a little colder, then you understand just how vital your ability to heat your pool is. What do you do when it doesn’t warm the water though? Don’t try fixing it if you don’t know what you are doing. Call in the professionals.

  6. Skimming Scrubbing and Brushing – This is probably the part of owning a pool that many owners don’t enjoy. Who would enjoy constantly having to scrub a pool and skim the water? You just want to go swimming, right?

Do you honestly have the time or know how to take care of these kinds of things?

As you can see from the things we mentioned above, the wrong water chemistry can cause cloudy pools, discoloration and serious health issues!

Do you think your friends and family will want to swim in a green pool?Green_soup_water_swimming_pool
Gross, right?




If your pool is not maintained properly, you will suffer from the dreaded formation of algae.

The green algae if not taken care of will cause that nasty green film and the green pool water we just talked about. Then there are the black algae that can get in all the wrong places like tiles and steps.

There are also other areas such as power washing the deck area of your pool and last but not least – Safety!

We saved this one for last on purpose. You don’t know what you don’t know, as the saying goes.

However, if you aren’t a professional pool service provider, then you just may not know if there is an area you are neglecting.

Yes, you already know to have a life preserver near by or other obvious things, but have you thought about your drain coverings?

Do you have VGB compliant drain covers?

Long story short, VGB are the initials of a young girl who unfortunately drowned after she was trapped under water from a powerful hot tub drain suction.

If safety is of the utmost importance to you as a pool owner, as it should be, then you owe it to yourself and anyone coming near your pool and/or hot tub to have a professional pool maintenance service have a look at your set up.

Can we ask you a question?

Do you want to spend more time cleaning and maintaining your pool than you do actually swimming in it?

Are you ALREADY spending more time doing this?

What if there was a better way, a better option that left you to do what you envisioned yourself doing when you purchased the pool – ACTUALLY enjoying it?

There is a way – have a professional handle all of your pool maintenance needs.

Never again will you have to worry about pool water levels, pH measurements, figuring out how to service your pump or whether or not swimmers (your family) will be safe in the water.

We understand what it’s like having to maintain a pool.

It’s our business, literally.beautiful pool landscape with waterfall

Pool maintenance is what we do and we know that you want to enjoy your pool, NOT see it as another thing to take care of.

Let us handle it for you.

We’ll take care of the health of the water in your pool so it’s ALWAYS safe for you to go swimming.

We’ll maintain the pool surfaces and surrounding areas so it will always look great.

But most of all, we’ll take care of the stress of pool maintenance so you’ll never have to worry about it again.

Let us handle all of this for you.

Contact us today to see how we can serve you and your loved ones.

Let us take care of all your pool service in WestLake Village,Ca.